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With dental implants from MDI, you will embark on a pathway to a confident smile and enjoy your favorite foods again. Whether it’s your lower jaw, upper jaw, or a full-mouth transformation you’re considering, Hybridge’s dental implant solution includes a custom-made prosthetic firmly secured by durable implants. These implants not only ensure stability but also promote bone health. With a permanent attachment to these implants, Hybridge eliminates common challenges associated with traditional treatments. Throughout your dental implant journey, you’ll have comfortable temporary teeth, ensuring you’re never without your smile.

Get a New Set of Teeth in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

We digitally create your new smile in advance.

Step 2

We place your dental implants.

Step 3

We take a final digital impression.

Step 4

We place your new teeth on the implants.

The process usually takes 3 months or less!

End the Cycle of Dental Frustration with Dental Implants at MDI.

If you have compromised teeth, it’s easy to get caught in the endless cycle of time-intensive and expensive crowns and bridgework that only provide a temporary fix to your dental problems.


Tooth Failure


Discomfort & Embarrassment


Loss of Function


Costly Procedures

“My implants make me feel 15 to 20 years younger!”

Benefits of Dental Implants at MDI



Permanently fixed and function like healthy natural teeth.



Durable biocompatible titanium construction that is cost-effective.



95% success rate for healthy, functioning implants lasting decades.